Perhaps the most valuable service we offer is the consultation. There is a charge paid in advance for a one-hour consultation with one of our lawyers. During the consultation, we attempt not only to answer the questions you may have, but also to provide you with advice for the future. Some questions cannot be answered during a consultation because they may involve further factual discovery or legal research, but we will make every effort to answer every question you may have to the best of our ability. In the event you retain our firm, the initial consultation also provides an opportunity for you to meet the staff who, together with the lawyer, will assist you throughout your case. At any time during the initial consultation or thereafter, you may choose to retain our firm.

Feel free to inquire at any time before, during, or after the consultation about the legal fees and possible costs of any future representation. We want you to feel comfortable with the arrangements so that you can get the most out of your visit with us. No two cases are alike, and accordingly, no two fees will be the same. Since the amount of time involved can never be predicted with precision, we will do our best to approximate how long the case could take and how much it might ultimately cost. Of course, there may be variables, which cannot be anticipated, but we will try to help you determine and anticipate the costs involved.

A "telephone consultation" is just like an "in person" consultation, except that it occurs over the telephone. We offer telephone consultations to people who live outside the St. Louis, Missouri, metro area.

An "initial client conference" is similar to a consultation but differs in that the potential client, even though visiting us for the first time, has already decided beforehand that he or she wants to retain our firm as counsel. If you are visiting us for an initial client conference, be assured that we appreciate the fact that you have chosen us to represent you and that you have placed your trust in our abilities.

Retainer ranges and hourly rates.
Before we begin representation, we require a retainer and a signed fee contract called the Retainer Agreement. The client is charged hourly rates which vary among our personnel. If and when the retainer is close to being depleted, we may require an additional retainer if it appears the case has become more time consuming than initially anticipated or is still progressing through the process or getting ready for trial. Of course, where it is appropriate, we will seek to have the other party reimburse you for your attorney's fees. These retainer ranges and hourly rates are effective as of January 2007, and we reserve the right to increase the retainer ranges and rates without notice or update to this website in accordance with the Retainer Agreement. For child support modification and enforcement, alimony and maintenance modification and enforcement, and all other family-law-related matters, retainer ranges vary. The following is a general summary of retainer ranges and hourly rates. These may differ based upon the simplicity or complexity of your individual case.

  • Our most common retainer for contested divorce ranges from $4,500 to $7,500.
  • For divorces with custody disputes, matters which have already had substantial legal proceedings, are set already for trial, or matters involving complex assets or business valuations, our retainer range begins at $7,500 and could be substantially higher.
  • Attorneys charge hourly rates beginning at $195 per hour.
  • Paralegals and legal assistants may charge an hourly rate from $90 per hour.

For more information or to schedule a consultation.
We look forward to the possibility of meeting with you. If you wish to arrange a consultation with one of our attorneys, please call us at 314-783-9400. After obtaining some basic information, we will assist you with questions you may have regarding our services, our fees and our charge for consultations. Then you can choose to schedule an appointment. It is important that you find an attorney who is right for you, and we believe that personal contact is the first step.

Contingency fees for child support and alimony or maintenance collection, or for enforcements of judgments.
It is appropriate and approved for attorneys to accept contingency fee engagements in certain circumstances for collection of child support and maintenance arrearages. We require all out-of-pocket expenses be paid in advance. Examples of out-of-pocket expenses include filing fees and service of process costs. Please call us for more information to see if a contingency fee arrangement is appropriate in your case.

Transmission and receipt of materials, including email, via this website or directly to the firm's attorneys do not create an attorney-client relationship. Persons who have not retained our firm's services who elect to transmit email to the firm or an attorney of the firm should have no expectation of any protected privilege. We do not, and cannot, guarantee the security of email communications.

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