Know Your Rights Regarding Domestic Violence And Protective Orders

A divorce can take on an extremely heated, even violent turn. When this happens, a protective order can be established to protect a family member from abuse. The order can be granted on a temporary and then permanent basis if a judge agrees in a hearing. If a protective order is established, the receiver of the order may not be allowed to:

  • Enter his or her house
  • Gain custody or see his or her children
  • Carry a firearm
  • Obtain certain types of employment

In the case of violence, protective orders are hugely beneficial for the health of families. That said, one party may seek out a protective order simply to gain custody or in an attempt to hurt his or her ex-spouse. In either case, it is critical to seek out the most skilled lawyer you can find to aggressively advocate for you during these difficult times.

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It is important to note that these orders can cover harassment or stalking, and they can be established to protect a child or multiple members of a family, regardless of relation by blood or marriage. An order can be put into place for a year and can be renewed based on conclusion and the court can consider automatic renewal.

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