Resolving Custody Disputes In Same-Sex Relationships

Many same-sex couples are becoming parents together. Our attorneys assist in same-sex custody and visitation disputes. The issue of establishing parenting plans and custody arrangements for same-sex partners is still relatively new to courts nationwide. At the Law Offices of Susan L. Ward, LLC, we consider this area of the law important new territory in which to educate the public and vigorously protect the rights of parents and children, regardless of gender or sexual preference.

If both partners have adopted the child or there is a second-parent adoption granted under the law of any state, Missouri recognizes those prior judicial determinations and gives full faith and credit to that family unit. However, in most states, including Missouri, the making of a family is much easier to accomplish judicially than breaking up a family.

If one partner is the biological parent and there has been no adoption by the same-sex partner, custody and visitation may be limited or nearly impossible to obtain for the partner having no prior legal determination of parenthood.

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Our attorneys work to advise partners in a same-sex relationship as to their options to become a parent by court determination while the relationship is intact in order to protect both parents and the child in the event the relationship ends.

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