Experienced Legal Counsel For Domestic Partnerships

Domestic partnerships and the associated legal issues have proliferated in recent years. These partnerships can include heterosexual or same-sex couples who share living space and may also purchase major items such as a car or home together. When an unmarried couple is living together, many issues arise such as joint property, financial arrangements and other expectations of support. Even though the couple is not married, they encounter many of the issues dealt with by married couples.

At the Law Offices of Susan L. Ward, LLC, we handle all types of domestic partnership issues, including disputes between same-sex couples. Domestic partnership agreements can be drafted that create a contractual relationship much like a marriage. These agreements attempt to secure domestic partnerships and alleviate much of the stress and uncertainty that result in cohabitation, both during the relationship and in the event of a breakup.

If a long-term domestic partnership ends, it is often possible to dissolve the relationship and resolve issues just like a dissolution of marriage. In Missouri, it is possible to determine a fair distribution of property in these cases through an "equitable lawsuit of partition." Evidence will be presented in court and a judge will decide how the property should be divided among the partners. If there are children in a same-sex domestic relationship, our attorneys can assist in same-sex custody and visitation disputes.

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