It's Important To Get Spousal Support Right

We Understand The Guidelines And What Factors Can Lead To Deviations

The spousal support threshold in Missouri concerns two issues:

  1. Can or could the party requesting it, support himself or herself from employment?
  2. Can he or she support himself or herself from property and/or investments (e.g., does it produce income)?

If one cannot properly support himself or herself from employment/property then he or she is likely a candidate for spousal maintenance. The calculation considerations include:

  • Duration of the marriage
  • Standard of living
  • Whether the person requesting is a custodial parent requiring specific living arrangements
  • What the requestor could or should be earning

There are several other variables considered, including whether or not one party was supportive of the other's career, possible parenting responsibilities, sacrifices made, education needs and time, and/or training needed to obtain gainful employment.

The support, depending on the case, can be set up as modifiable or non modifiable and is not considered punitive. All of these variables can be immensely complex and the skill of an experienced family law lawyer cannot be overrated as an asset in working toward an ideal outcome.

We Often Resolve Spousal Support Matters Without Litigating

Because we have been dealing with these complex issues for more than 20 years, we are ready to efficiently and effectively help you work toward an ideal support situation for your family. We may resolve spousal support matters without litigating but are prepared for trial as appropriate.

It's important to realize that conduct can impact the award of support. If the court in Missouri orders support, it can be without an end date, as previously mentioned, and can be extremely difficult to modify. As such, negotiation is all but essential as a protective method.

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