Understanding Grandparents' Rights Regarding Visitation And Custody

A topic that has come to the fore over the last several years is that of grandparents' rights to visit with, or have temporary custody of, their grandchildren when the parents are divorcing or otherwise separating.

In Missouri, grandparents are significantly limited in their rights. Grandparents have no rights to petition for custody if the parents are married and an intact family unit; grandparents have only limited rights in the event of the parent's divorce.

However, if a grandparent has been granted temporary custody, custody in a juvenile matter, guardianship or some other rights by the court, this could enhance their rights to ultimately be awarded custody of their grandchildren. Additionally, if the grandparents have been an integral part of the children's upbringing and are being excluded, the court may allow the grandparents to intervene and pursue visitation rights.

The Missouri law relative to grandparents' rights is set out here. Please note: This document will open in its own window, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for viewing.

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