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When it comes to ongoing child support and contribution to college, the Missouri courts consider both parents' situation when making determinations. It's important to realize that child support is always modifiable until a child is emancipated by law, which varies in Missouri. The age of emancipation can be as early as 16 or as late as 21 or later based on circumstances and disabilities — the court never sets it in stone. Other factors that can lead to early emancipation include:

  • Marriage
  • Military service
  • Failure to fulfill required school hours

Contribution to college is a function of both parties, and the child has a responsibility with regard to participation in terms of hours and information provided.

Continuing education can include vocational and technical schools, and Missouri requires recipient parents and/or the child to produce grades and schedules to the paying parent in order to continue to remain eligible for support. If one parent believes they are not required to pay support, they can file an affidavit requesting termination or abatement of support. Abatement may be enacted for one semester or longer depending on whether requirements are fulfilled under law.

The Supreme Court of Missouri lays out many of these issues and other child support considerations on Form 14 (under 88.01). It's important to realize that the items in this form can be manipulated based on facts, and it is critical to partner with a skilled lawyer who can help you work toward a best possible outcome.

With regard to alternative schooling, Missouri is limited under case law and cannot order private or parochial school unless it meets special needs of a child who can't be met publicly.

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