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It is best to consult a CPA, tax attorney, other financial planner or tax planning professional when you have tax-related questions. Whether as simple as determining the appropriate income tax filing status, or the more complicated matters of claiming children, claiming certain exemptions, or the award or use of tax deductions, you should utilize the services of these professionals. At the Law Offices of Susan L. Ward, LLC, our extensive network of St Louis professionals allows us to cooperate and consult about your specific tax and financial needs, ultimately providing you with the most comprehensive advice available to meet those needs.

However, for those frequently asked questions or simple forms needed for filing your personal returns, the Internal Revenue Service has many easily accessible publications online. The most often used links relevant to our clients are listed below. Again, however, be sure that you consult with your tax professional as to the current status of any tax information. These Internal Revenue Service links are not meant to provide legal or tax advice to you.


Preparing To Meet With Your Family Law Attorney

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Preparing To Meet With Your Family Law Attorney

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